Strings of St John’s – Collaborative recording, June 2020


The piece we are recording is the first movement of the Sinfonia in G major, T.Si.8 by Tomaso Albinoni.

1. To download bowed parts, CLICK HERE.

2. For recording, will play along with a click track (below). Familiarize yourself with it, play it through and see how it will feel to play along. For recording, you will need three things:

    • a way to play back the click track
    • ear buds or headphones to listen to the click track
    • a smartphone, tablet or computer to record video

3. Position yourself in a room where your face is well lit, and there is minimal background noise (eg, far from traffic noise, barking dogs or rattlesnakes).

4. If possible, position the camera horizontally. Then frame the image so the bottom of the video is around chest level.

5. The device you use to play back the click track will need to have internet access; if not, you can download the track. Plug in your ear buds or headphones and test to be sure you can hear clearly.

6. At the beginning of the recording, I will ask you to clap on “five”. Then I’ll count 1-2-3-4-CLAP! This is so that in production, all the videos can be sync’d up to the same spot.

7. Look up at the camera from time to time so that the image is more than just you staring downwards.

8. To submit your video, CLICK HERE and upload your file (it could take 10-15 minutes). Please name your file NAME-PART … so for example, Mary-Viola.

10. If you have questions, feel free to contact me at

Here’s your click track: