Dear String players –

Thank you for coming to play at St John’s on Sunday, November 18th. Below are links to the parts for the two major orchestral pieces that morning — just click on your part to download it. Note that the Vivaldi is double choir / double orchestra. There will also be hymns and other service music prepared closer to the day.

We will rehearse at 9:00 am orchestra alone, 9:30 with choir. There’ll be a 20-minute break, then the service begins at 10:15 and ends no later than 11:45.


Domine ad adjuvandam me festina (Vivaldi)

Coro 1 – Violin 1

Coro 1 – Violin 2

Coro 1 – Viola

Coro 1 – Cello/Bass

Coro 2 – Violin 1

Coro 2 – Violin 2

Coro 2 – Viola

Coro 2 – Cello/Bass


Sonata in D for organ and orchestra, K. 69 (W.A. Mozart)

Violin 1

Violin 2


Sorry, no violas … (what was he thinking?!)